Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silk Tie-Dyed Eggs

When the time came to dye Easter Eggs, we decided to do something different. Instead of using the Paas dye tablets dissolved in vinegar, we used neckties. Silk neckties to be exact, cause other materials don't work.

Step 1: select a necktie.
Step 2: cut a piece of the necktie, big enough to completely cover the egg.
Step 3: wrap the egg in necktie material (print side down), and wrap that in a piece of white cotton fabric (such as a pillowcase or sheet). Secure with a rubber band or twist tie.
Step 4: put wrapped eggs in a pot, fill with enough water to cover the eggs plus two tablespoons of vinegar. Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes.
Step 5: do NOT smell the boiling eggs, especially if you purchased the ties at DI, because they will stink. Really, really bad.
Step 6: wait patiently.
Step 7: unwrap and enjoy!Jealous?


Laura said...

VERY cool!

elsalgal said...

We need close-ups!

Lys-face said...

Click on the pictures. Then you'll get a close-up.

lucás said...

These are so cool, and I say that in the least gay way possible.

Royce and Jessica said...

Those are like the coolest Easter eggs I have ever seen. Well done. Well done indeed.

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