Monday, April 6, 2009

People Who Have Annoyed Me Today

I've been trying to be less annoyed by stupid people. Really, I have. I forgave the person who insisted on taking the elevator down one flight while I was waiting with an overloaded cart of table tents that kept falling off. I decided the girl who filled up her water bottle at such an angle that made the other water fountain inaccessible was simply ignorant. I even refrained from throwing a dirty look at the guy who spat on the ground right in front of me as he walked past. That one was hard to do. It was really gross.

But today, I feel like being annoyed. I have the right, don't I? So, by golly, I'm going to do it! Also, I'm bored and wanted to post a blog.

To the couple making out on the lawn outside the HFAC:
Just because it's a nice day for once and you are technically under a tree doesn't mean it's okay to display that level of PDA. For goodness sake, the tree doesn't even have leaves yet to obscure you from the absolute plethora of people passing by. At least cut it out between classes when half the campus is outside.

To the fourth grader who tried to steal my cell phone:
"I was just playing with it to see if it worked so I could take it down to lost and found," is not a good enough excuse for putting your mangy paws on my phone. Also, I don't believe you.

To the girl who thought it was okay to take off her shoes and socks and leave the socks grossly on the ground in front of her while sitting in a very narrow hallway:
Dirty socks are sick, sick, sick. If you must be barefoot, at least stow the socks out of sight, like neatly inside your shoes or behind your backpack or something. Really, it is a quite narrow hallway and I do not want to be anywhere near your stinky socks. I got enough of that from an old roommate.

To the guy who left a stack of fliers at the front desk for me to put in the table tents:
Just because you told the front desk you scheduled a spot for your fliers with me does not make it true. And just because you left a professional-looking business card with your fliers does not mean I will think I made a mistake. When I said I didn't have room, I meant it.

To the people who made the mistake in the Daily Universe:
Actually, I'm not annoyed with you. Quite the opposite, in fact. Thank you very much for the laugh. Quorum of the Twelve Apostates, indeed!


willus said...

are you annoyed with me?

Lys-face said...


elsalgal said...

Some days are like that--even in Utah.

jenalih said...

I have days like that atleast once a had every right to be annoyed. Thanks for the laugh!

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