Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alyssa Recommends

Time Warp, on Discovery Channel. It's insanely awesome. They film stuff like a mouse trap going off on someone's tongue or a plank of wood going through tempered glass on high speed cameras and then slow it way down so you can see all the details.

Today's episode featured a dude using a chainsaw to carve a hummingbird out of a tree, cut open fruit as it flies through the air, cut the tops off of a row of beer bottles, try to slice through a radiator, and carve the phrase "Time Warp" out of a block of ice Also, Metallica came and played in that special way they do for the show. If you've never seen the cymbals being played from a high speed camera, you haven't lived.

Basically, Discovery Channel is just plain high quality. Today's episode of Mythbusters featured viral videos from YouTube. Like, have you seen the one with the huge Lego ball rolling down a street chasing a wannabe Indiana Jones until it runs into a car, leaving behind no damage? Yeah, me neither. But I don't get YouTube on campus, what's your excuse? Anyway, the video claimed they used 5 million Legos for the feat. But the Mythbusters busted it wide open. A Lego ball of that size takes only 1 million Legos. Also, it falls completely apart in an amazing way (which they
showed a la Time Warp) shortly after it starts rolling.

(By the way, if you want to check out some amazing Lego art, visit Nathan Sawaya's site. He lent the Mythbusters another 500,000 Legos, when they ran out of the ones Lego gave them)

Pretty much, you should be cool like me and watch these shows.


Laura said...

Amazing that BYU Cable DOES offer some decent programming:)

Lys-face said...

It's true. They took away ESPN, which made me want to revolt, but at least I have Discovery Channel to ease the pain.

willus said...

1. I believe its Mythbusters... one word.
2. You didn't mention the best show on that channel, Deadliest Catch.
3. I miss ESPN already.

Lys-face said...

But Deadliest Catch wasn't on that night. And remember how BYU said they weren't taking away ESPN until today, but then they took it away early? Lame-o.

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