Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's the Big Deal?

Last night Lewis came bursting in the house with a look of excitement on his face.  It was January 18th and it was finally snowing.  Jack HAD to come and see.  I had thought Jack's first snow would be when he was much younger, so it was actually pretty great that it waited this long to snow.  Jack is old enough to notice the flakes falling and he might even think it's cool.

So everyone got bundled up and we trooped outside with our camera, ready to document this momentous occasion.  It was beautiful.  Fat, fluffy flakes were falling gently.  They were the kind that would catch in your hair and stay there without melting immediately.  The snow was accompanied by that gentle silence that blankets the world as it gracefully accumulates.  Lewis and I both turned to look at Jack, confident we would see the look of wonder and amazement that was sure to be on his precious face:

He was unimpressed.

It was like he knew that the promise of four inches was bunk and that this would only produce a slight dusting and that my worry about Lewis making it to school safely this morning was all for naught cause the roads weren't slick in the least.

Clever boy.

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