Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This is Just a Tribute

I don't know if you know this, but I've got a seriously amazing husband.  Seriously.  I don't think I express to him enough how so very awesome he is, so here goes - mommy-blog style.

The Top Whatever Number I Get to Before I Stop Reasons My Husband is Cooler than Yours

1.  He teaches fourth grade.

I think Lewis is the merriest every month.
Not only does he teach it, but he kicks bums (mommy blog, 'member?) at teaching it.  Right now his class is studying puns.  Puns!  Did you ever study puns in fourth grade?  Nope, cause you didn't have Lewis as your teacher.

2. He provides nighttime entertainment by talking in his sleep.

Since I have such difficulty in falling asleep, Lewis nearly always goes to sleep before me.  And he will often express very real concerns to me in his sleep.  Like how we could go about building a bomb (his solution was to ask his sister for help since she teaches science.  The science she teaches is biology, but still...).  Or if I can feel his arm, since he couldn't (he had fallen asleep on top of it) (this happened last night).  I just wish he talked more often in his sleep when I am up feeding Jack.  That would be lots of fun.

3. He goes along with my crazy ideas.

Jack in a cloth diaper.  He's skinny.
Like putting our baby in cloth diapers.  Or making my own taco seasoning.  It helps that most of these ideas have turned out good.

4.  He has perfected the homemade pizza.

I want some right now.
We got a pizza stone for our wedding and have been trying to make pizza on it ever since.  The crust was always too puffy or too caky or too soggy.  The sauce was always too runny or too bland or too gross.  We finally found one crust recipe we liked, but it took forever to make.  Not to be deterred, Lewis kept working until he found a quick, but delicious crust recipe.  Then he located a suitable sauce recipe that he tweaked to perfection.  Now all we need is to make our own mozzarella cheese!  (No we don't.)

5. He singled-handedly brings home the bacon so I can stay home with Jack.

His new school.
6. Speaking of bacon, he likes his cooked the same way I do (extra-extra crispy) so that's never a brunchtime conflict.

We usually eat bacon when we go to Park City.
At least he says he does.

7. We can get excited about things together and not think the other is too dorky.

Lewis at Disneyland is like Lewis in a candy shop.
Like Disneyland and Christmas and camping and Jack pooping.

8. He loves his son so much.

I love watching the two of them play.  Lewis adores Jack and Jack... well, he used to just tolerate him, but he's warming up to him.  In a few months, I know Jack will be following him around wherever he goes and Dad coming home from work will be the best part of his day.

9. He always puts Jack in his car seat so I don't have to.

I don't have one of Jack in his car seat, so here's just a picture I love of the two of them.

Jack HATES his car seat, in spite of our efforts to make him like it by saying, "Yay!" very enthusiastically whenever we talk about it.  And I hate putting him in.  Lewis is always willing to bite the bullet and put him in when we go places together.

10. He likes me.  He really likes me.

I know most married couples love each other, but I'm not sure that all of them LIKE each other.  But I know that Lewis likes me, and I like him.  Saturday night comes around, and we are just fine sitting at home, catching up on all the movies we missed seeing in theaters the past few months cause we had Jack and cause they are all at the Redbox now.  And we love it.

Ten is a nice round number, so I'm going to stop there.  Plus Jack keeps trying to hit the keys and he's a crafty one, so it's getting harder and harder to stop him.  I'll just end with this: I love Lewis.

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