Friday, July 2, 2010

The Thrilling Conclusion! Or is it?...

I realized that I hadn't ever posted the conclusion to my microwave drama story (parts 1 and 2).

On the very same day that I renounced all my old microwave ill will, Lewis' mom bought us a brand spankin' new microwave for graduation. With all the bells and whistles. And it pops popcorn beautifully. Yeah. Karma works that fast.

So we've been enjoying this new microwave for the past few months. Some popcorn here, a microwave s'more or two there, maybe a bit of defrosted chicken or ground beef. And this microwave heated them all to perfection. What a champ.

The moral of the story is that karma is a downright ho bag when you disrespect shim. But when you are kind to karma and you give karma karma's dues, karma is just about the nicest lil ol' thing you'll ever meet. The end.

Or is it?!


Since we, you know, graduated, we had to find jobs to, you know, pay for stuff. I already had one lined up by the time we graduated, but Lewis was still looking. Fortunately for us, Lewis is basically the Chuck Norris of elementary school teachers, so er'rybody wanted him. He is so awesome, he got a job offer from Jordan School District - the district that was planning on firing 250 teachers earlier this year. What, what.

In the end, Lewis took a position at Saratoga Shores Elementary, fourth grade. Great school, great team, great grade - he's pretty dang excited about it. However, Saratoga Shores is on the other side of Utah Lake. My job at Foothill Elementary is in south Orem. These are not the two farthest schools apart in all of Alpine School District (an enormous district), but there are not many that are farther. Not to mention the fact that Lewis' has to be at his school a whole hour before I have to be at mine. A second car and new home became stark requirements.

Fast forward to present day: we found a lovely condo just off the freeway in Pleasant Grove. Dishwasher, pantry, actual counter space, two bathrooms, washer and dryer, a deck, a pool... oh my goodness me, I love this place. We applied, got approved, and signed a contract all within a week. Right this very moment, as I type these words, Lewis is moving us in. (No, I'm not helping. Who do you think I am?) It met or exceeded all of our requirements for the time being, especially in terms of location. Fifteen minutes to Foothill via State Street; 25 minutes to Saratoga Shores via the freeway. What the freaking what?

(Lest we forget about my post from a year and a half ago, it might even meet all those desires. We haven't found out about the History Channel yet, but we know cable comes with the unit.)

There is one other thing that it comes with, and this thing is very important because otherwise this story being here in epilogue form would not make any sense: A microwave. Yep. This lovely, lovely condo includes a hanging-over-the-stove microwave. Which I love. But now we have a few-months-old fantastic microwave without a home.

There are many options for our old new microwave. Storage is one. We've had a few people suggest putting it in our TV room for - wait for it - popcorn. But the TV room is connected to the kitchen where the current new microwave is (a great room), and if we can't walk all the way over there for popcorn, we don't deserve a microwave in the first place. Lewis mentioned trying to return it to Kohls, from whence it came. I think I like it too much for that one, though. We'll need it eventually, just not right this second. Maybe I'll put it in my classroom. Some teachers have mini fridges; why can't I have a microwave?

All of this debate could be completely moot, however. We have not yet tried the current new microwave's popcorn capabilities. It could suck.

If that's the case, well... maybe this story isn't as done as I've made it out to be...

To be continued. Maybe.

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