Friday, August 13, 2010

I'mma Be a Professional

Dear beloved blog readers,

First, an apology: I have left you without for over a month. I am truly sorry that you have had to go so long without the blessed opportunity to read my words.

Second, a justification: Dude. In less than two weeks, I will have 25-30 young souls in my care for 6.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. So eat it. I've been a little busy.

Third, another apology: That was rude. I'm sorry.

Fourth, a request: I am taking a break from developing my first-week-of-school class schedule to write this post to ask for your help. If you were a brand new fifth grader, what would you like to do during your first week of school? What did you do during the first week of school back in the day when you were a small child? If you teach/have ever taught, what did you do with your students during the first week of school?

Thanks readers. You are all gentlemen and scholars, lacking merely education and couth.

Sorry. That was rude too.


Mitzi said...

5th grade was my favorite year in elementary school. My teacher really wanted us to develop a sense of self that year, so we did a lot of projects and activities that allowed us to show our "uniqueness". My teacher taped off one wall into squares. Each person had their own squares. When we did a major art project, everyone taped that up. If anyone had something they liked, they could put it up whenver they wanted. I loved it as a kid. The first day, we all made artistic nametags that we designed that had our name on it that stayed up there the whole year. So, that's idea #1. I'll keep thinking of what else we did that first week, but that was 16 years it might take a minute.

Paul Epperson said...

I can't remember what we did my first week of 5th grade. I do remember that I enjoyed my 5th grade year. My teacher drank Surge for lunch, threw chalk at the back room to teach the word "fragment", continually played Math Munchers with me, played with us at recess, used Bill Nye the Science Guy to teach, and was just awesome. I do remember one time he was trying to explain something and I kept writing, so he grabbed my pencil and continued talking. I just took out another pencil and kept writing. After he took three or four pencils he looked in my desk and saw a big pile of new, newly sharpened pencils. He gave up.

Sorry, my doubly apologetic, justified, requested professional, but I don't really have an answer for you. Good luck.

PS. I think 5th grade is when I began reading Animorphs. I loved that series.

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