Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grizz was in the Navy

So the other day I was in my classroom working on stuff for the upcoming school year (seeing as school starts in a week - gasp, gulp, gasp - I've been doing that a lot). As I was sitting there writing names on popsicle sticks or something, I hear a pint size voice from my doorway say, "Hi Miss Young." (I have a nameplate above my door.). I turn to find a little boy, maybe a first or second grader, just hanging out at my door as if it's the most natural thing in he world.

I greet him and ask his name (Jared). I start to ask him how his summer is going, but he talks over me to tell me that the hat he is wearing is fifty years old. And that it's from the Navy (which, funnily enough, I had deduced from the fact that it said "NAVY"). He obviously was very excited to be wearing such an accessory and was bursting to expess the awesomeness of it to anyone he met. That doesn't exactly explain what he was doing roaming the halls of Foothill Elementary two weeks before school starts, but never fear, he did not go unclaimed. An older sister appeared to collect him shortly after our conversation began, but not after I validated how fantastic his hat was.

My point is... I'm excited to be spending so much time in a place with such uninhibited beings, who get excited fit to burst about the little things in life like that Navy hat which I'm sure Jared begged his dad for weeks to let him wear just this once. Because, well... I get excited about those kinds of things and want to share them with whoever I see too, okay? So eat it.

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