Monday, April 8, 2013

The Holidays 2013

Something amazing is happening right now.

Both my children are asleep.

It's a beautiful thing.

So I decided to take advantage of my free time by cleaning up my disaster of a house blogging.

You're welcome.

Last week was Spring Break.  It came at a wonderful time.  My mom went back home, and I didn't have her help any more, so having Lewis home was a tremendous blessing.  We made no plans and decided to spend our time at home, getting used to being a family of four.

Best.  Week.  Ever.

First Saturday

We started off the day with taking my mom to the airport (sad).  After that, I got to stay home with this:

while Lewis took Jack down to Provo for the spring scrimmage.

Then we sped up to Salt Lake to attend the wedding reception of one of my dearest friends (but not before Poppy pooped all over her father).  Jack spent the time sneaking trying to sneak cookies off the refreshment table, staring at a young gentlemen the somewhat resembled his uncle, taking off his pants, and avidly watching the swimmers in the adjacent pool.

First Sunday

Easter.  We hid eggs for Jack's first hunt.  He didn't get the whole "finding" thing, but he did appreciate the fruit snacks inside the eggs.  They were all consumed within 24 hours.

Later, Lewis and Jack went to church.  On the way home, Jack decided he'd rather stay at church and made a break for it.

While they were on their way home, I dressed Poppy up in her Easter finest.  Yes, I got my newborn an Easter dress for going to not church.  It was adorable.

Then we went down to the grandparents' house for Easter dinner and an egg hunt.  Jack found all the eggs.  Maybe before they were hidden.


We went to the library.  Jack set his heart on an entire pile of books he knew he would love... because they were all books he already owned.  We managed to distract him by finding a Toy Story book.  I fear the meltdown coming on the day we have to return that book.


While at the store for groceries, we found the perfect chair for Jack.  We've been wanting to get him a little chair for a while, and we finally found one that fit him and our budget.  What it did not fit, however, was our car.  I squished in the back with two carseats while the chair squished in the front.  Thank goodness we live close to the store.

Also, this.


Lewis had school, so I decided to take Jack to Burger King for a treat while Lewis was gone.

Poppy was the best baby that ever existed.  She stayed awake and pleasant during our entire trip to Burger King, as well as throughout Jack's bedtime routine.  Love, love, love.


Jack decided he prefers to sit in the jogging stroller rather than his new chair.

We spent the evening up at the Francis' cabin.  Burger and s'mores, doesn't get better than that.

Since I was (am) behind on the laundry, Jack wore one of my t-shirts to bed.  Cutest thing in the world.


Lewis played grad school catch-up.

Jack and I went to the store to get toppings for Pizza Night.  He decided he'd like to try our green pepper.  After he took a few bites, it became a ball.

Poppy was tortured with an oversized bow.  She'll grow into it.

Second Saturday

General Conference.  We might have each slept through some of it.

I tried to put Jack to bed while Lewis was at the priesthood session.  Poppy was less cooperative than Wednesday.  When I realized I didn't have any Jack-sized diapers upstairs, a naked Jack made an escape attempt, but changed his mind and went to try and comfort his crying sister instead.  Bedtime was scrapped and we watched a movie instead.  When Lewis got home, Jack hid because he knew it was time for bed, for reals.

Second Sunday

We went to Park City to watch the rest of General Conference.  When we were almost there, the car started acting weird.

Jack made faces on our favorite rock.

Poppy was a trendy pirate.

Jack and his twin cousin matched.

The car flipped out on us right after we left for home.  Lewis and his parents waited for the tow truck while his sister drove the kids and me home.

Jack and Poppy were hungry at the same time, so I let the former try to feed oatmeal to himself while I nursed the latter.

Lewis and I reflected on what an amazing week we had, even with car troubles.  And the pictures don't even show the half of it!  It turned out way better than if we made plans.  I have the best family.

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