Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Riddle Me This

This little beauty

is afraid of the dark.

Okay, maybe "afraid" is too strong of a term.  She certainly does not like sleeping in the dark, though.  Not one little bit.

This is how our nights would go:

Nursing, rocking, baby asleep, baby in bed, mom in bed, light off, 10-30 seconds, baby awake.

When this first started to occur, I refused to believe that issue was really the light  I mean, the child spent an entire nine months without any light whatsoever, for goodness sake, and she had no trouble sleeping then!  It didn't make a lick of sense.

But that did seem to be the common denominator.  So I experimented.  I left my bedside lamp on.

And Poppy stayed asleep.


The next night, I switched to keeping the closet light on.  With the door ajar, the light pools at the foot of our bed, which happened to be where Poppy slept in her bassinet.  She was fine with this for a couple of nights, but then she started waking up just like before.

For a while we thought she might be too cold, so we put her in her brother's old jammies.

After fretting for several sleepless nights about what to do (the answer is logical, but I don't make my best decisions at two am), and resorting to just letting her sleep in our bed with us (the light issues never bothered her there) (if you're into true attachment parenting and have your baby share your bed every night, more power to you.  I'm too scared I'm going to roll over on her or do something else to hurt her or cut off her air to feel comfortable with having her in our bed each night.  There was already one night when she was with us and I woke up to find the blanket completely covering her face), I decided to move her bassinet to right next to me and to leave my bedside lamp on.

So far this seems to be working.  Keep your fingers crossed that it continues to work and she doesn't decide she needs even more light.  I don't think Lewis or I could handle having the overhead light on all night.


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