Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Talented Poop

By the time Jack was a mere six days old, I published an account of his urine mishaps to that point.

With Poppy, I am happy to report that the rumors are true: little boys and little girls are anatomically different.

The only things outside of her diaper that Poppy has peed on are changing pads because we didn't get a fresh diaper on her quick enough.

While thankfully not soaking us in the urinary department, Poppy has managed to have one highly-skilled bowel movement.

It was Saturday last and I had just dressed the little darling up in her Easter finest so that we could attend a wedding reception.  Lewis was holding her while I tracked down everything we just had to have in the diaper bag.  It was time to go, so Lewis passed Poppy off to me so I could put her in her carseat when he discovered something wet and juicy across his midsection.

Poop.  Poppy had pooped all over him.

Considering her dress was brand-spanking new, I was pretty ticked.  Lewis went upstairs to change, while I set Poppy down to assess the damage.

The dress in question, along with snuggles from her big brother.

Except... there was none.  Poppy had managed to poop in such a manner that she completely missed her lovely dress, even missed the matching diaper cover!  For that matter, she mostly missed her diaper; there was very little inside.

Lewis might not agree, but if such a thing exists, that was a successful blowout.

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