Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tidbits o' Jack

Exceptional Baby

I've always had a dream that my children would be exceptional.  It doesn't matter what they are exceptional in (well, it matters a little.  I don't want them to be exceptionally good at drugs or something), I just simply hoped for them to be exceptional in some way.

Jack, in his ever-constant desire to be ahead of the game, has already proved to be exceptional.  Exceptionally skinny.   For his age he is in about the fifth percentile for weight.  For his height, he does not even approach the chart.  

I can't decide if his skinniness is nature or nurture.  On the natural hand, my mother tells me that all of her children were skinny ones.  On the nurturing hand, Jack moves all the time.  All of it.  To the point that he has actually very nice muscles in his arms and legs.  I think Lewis put it best when he said, "Jack's fat is like our bank account.  As soon as any is deposited, he spends it."

That's not a roll in his arm.


Slowly but surely, Jack has been destroying his crib.  Whenever he is awake and in his crib, he is snacking on the inside of the railing.  I didn't anticipate this happening until he got some top teeth, but he has been apparently unsatisfied with how sharp his one tiny tooth is.  And of course our local Walmart does not sell crib rail protectors.

Jack after a mid-morning meal.

Suspiciously Quiet

As is the case with most children, the only time I really need to worry about what Jack is doing is when he is being quite.  Much like his inability to be still, Jack also has an inability to be quite.  Unless, of course, he is making mischief of one kind or another.  Naturally, I never notice the silence until it is too late.

One such quite time occurred this morning.  When I located the troublemaker, he was under the kitchen table with a bag of bread in his lap, snacking on one of the pieces.  Between yesterday and today, Jack grew just enough to pull stuff off the table.  Thankfully he got the bread bag with only two pieces in it (heels, both of them) and not the full bag.

Apparently the crib did not offer enough nutrition.

Mom Can be Sneaky Too

Jack recently decided he does not want to eat vegetables anymore.  Up until last week he had been having vegetables every day without issue.  Then he abruptly decided eating them was more than a little torturous.  He will still eat some as finger foods, but absolutely none are acceptable on a spoon.  Fruits, however, are just peachy.  (Pun.)  So today when I was pureeing some pears for him, I threw in  several handfuls of spinach.  He had a bowlful for dinner and I've never seen him eat anything so quickly.  As a bonus pears and spinach create a lovely hue just the same shade as peas, so maybe I can trick him into eating some of those sometime.

Mom: 1 Jack: 0.  For now, no doubt.

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Laura said...

I've been going over all your posts and cracking up because 1.) you're a talented writer and 2.) because I feel like we're living mirroring lives. Thanks for posting Alyssa!

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