Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Be a Jitter Bug, Not a Litter Bug!

There is little in this world I hate more than littering.  Ooh, it really cooks my grits!  It's one of those things that I am honestly surprised people still do.  I thought we had all figured out that it's not okay.  Like smoking.  How do people in this day and age when we now so much about how crappy smoking is for your health get into it?  I'll never know.

Last Saturday we were at Costco.  I know, bad idea.  Going to Costco on a Saturday is like going to Disneyland over UEA.  It's crowded, smelly, and there are a lot of crying Mormon kids.  While we were on our way out, this toddler sitting in the cart in front of us dropped his napkin on the ground.  Obviously he didn't know any better.  But his father - who watched the napkin fall and made no attempt to catch it - did.  So did his mother who glanced over to see what her husband was looking at and frowned slightly at the napkin before stepping over it.

Now I don't know about the rest of the sane world, but if my kid drops garbage on the ground, I will pick it up (or make him do it, if the circumstances allow) and show him the proper way to dispose of it. Just leaving it on the ground is absolutely, positively not cool.

You may think I should go easy on this family.  After all, we were in Costco, and on a Saturday!  There were a bajillion people around and picking up that napkin could have proved difficult with the surge of people all trying to leave the store at once.  Oh except, wait, it wasn't.  Cause I picked it up myself, causing no significant break in the exodus.

Coincidentally this family was parked right next to us.  I kept shooting glares at them through the backseat window while I buckled Jack in.  I was secretly hoping they wouldn't put their cart away (another thing that bugs me) so I could judge them more, but a parking lot attendant happened to be collecting the carts from the closest corral as they finished up loading their car and took the cart for them.

But seriously, world.  Don't litter.  It's rude.

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