Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Constructive Compliments

So... Pandora.  It's great!  I use it daily.  Jack and I love rocking out and dancing like crazy people and Pandora provides the music, for which I am very grateful.  We would look pretty silly rocking out and dancing like crazy people without music.

And far be it from me to criticize something that is offered to me for zero dollars, but... I'm going to anyway.  Call it constructive.  File these away into your suggestion box if you ever feel the need to improve.

1. When I thumbs up a song, I expect to hear it more often.  And yet there are some songs that I have thumbs upped that I hardly ever, and others that I have not thumbs upped that play daily.  Sometimes more than once.  I know that I can thumbs down such songs and not have to listen to them anymore, but it's not like I hate them.  I just don't need to hear them that often...

2. ...Which brings me to my second point.  Didn't Pandora use to have a "play this song less frequently" option?  Where did that go?  It was so handy.  Is it just not on the tablet app?  Somebody tell me; I'm too lazy to go check.

(Bee tee dubs, I just hit the command button right before I typed that semicolon, fully expecting it to make my keyboard switch from letters to numbers and symbols.  The mischievous iPad, messing me up!)

3. Adele.  While she is lovely and undoubtedly talented, I found that I can only listen to her in small doses.  And you, Pandora, seem to be having a love affair with her.  No matter which station I select - lullaby, Disney, Billy Joel, MoTab, Muppets Holiday (word) - she shows up.  Frequently.  Except not anymore cause I got so sick of them, I thumbs downed all her songs - but really I just wanted to listen to them less frequently.  Hmm, I feel like there is something that could have been done about that.

4. Why, oh why have you let the Shane Company be one of your sponsors?  I know, I know, they sponsor everything.  I have received a beanie, backpack, chap stick, and beer bottle cozy all emblazoned with their logo at various sporting events.  But I will never, ever, EVER purchase anything from the Shane Company.  Why?  Because I absolutely, positively loathe their commercials.  I don't know who their spokesperson is (Is it Shane?  I feel like it should be Shane), but he has the most grating, irritating voice I have every heard.  I frequently play Pandora while I am in the shower and the last thing I want to hear while I'm scrubbing my bum is that voice.  I would take the creepy Cars dot com confidence falsetto voice than Shane's.

5. You know what, Pandora?  You deserve a compliment.  A nice surprise to pull out of you suggestion box at your suggestion box meeting.  So here goes: Yours is probably the app I use most frequently these days.  For the most part, Jack and I just love you.  Keep up the good work.

Love from,


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