Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cheeky Children

Apparently we in America today are raising rather forward children.  They have no inhibitions whatsoever.  Kiss anyone you like?  Sure!  Ask someone of the opposite gender over for a sleepover?  Absolutely!

Allow me to explain.

On Monday we went over to Mary's house for a barbecue.  You know, cause it was Memorial Day.  And we could.  Since Jack is cute and a baby everyone wanted to hold him.  Something you should know about Jack is that his way of saying "hello" is to grab your face.  If you pass inspection, he will hang out with you.  If you do not, he will either dive back to my arms or to the ground, whichever is closer.

In the midst of the barbecue, Jack happened to be sitting on my friend Becca's lap.  She passed the face test so Jack was happily sitting there, trying to remove her sunglasses when all of the sudden he leaned up and kissed her.  All open-mouthed and slobbery.  And right on the lips.

I think he may have a bit of a crush.

This is Becca and me at Disneyland.  She's a hottie.

Tonight we went to Lewis' and Daniel's hockey game.  The game started after Jack's bedtime, so he was pretty sleepy.  While I was bouncing him in my arms, trying to see if he would drift off, this delightful little lady of about four came right up and introduced herself (actually introducing herself was the last thing in our conversation she did - she ran up and told us her name after the conversation was over because she apparently had forgotten).  After praising Jack for his adorability and blue eyes (along with her brown ones and sassy shoes), she invited him over to the slumber party she was having that night with several of her friends.

Even when he's out of focus, Jack is too cool for school.  And sleepovers.

As much as I would appreciate a full night's rest, I had to decline.  Somehow I didn't think Jack is quite ready for a night away from home.

Kids these days.

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Laura said...

That is an adorable story. And that last picture is so full of personality!

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