Friday, December 17, 2010

The Fifth Day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

5 pretty things!
4 lifeguard games
3 days of school
2 loads of wash
And a fifteen-dollar ice cream gift card

Today was the last day of school for 2010. Ergo, I was showered with gifts by my students and fellow teachers. I feel like I could classify five of them as "pretty." Five pretty things.

The gifts I got included,

* A pair of earrings and necklace (made by the mother of one of my students)
* Gourmet hot chocolate in a mug
* A bath set with bubble, salts, lotion, and bath petals
* A plant that I am afraid of killing over the break, so I will take it to my father-in-law until January - he's good at plants.
* A Santa ornament
* A lovely cookbook
* Homemade fudge
* Homemade toffee
* Truffles
* Belgian chocolate covered cookies
* Homemade jam (berry plum)
* Fresh honey

And even more. I just don't feel like typing/remembering it all. Especially since Lewis got just as much if not more from his students, so basically... we're pretty spoiled.

And now it's Christmas break! I cannot put into words how happy this makes me feel. I don't have to work! I don't have to do ANYTHING! It's Christmas break!

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