Thursday, March 25, 2010

The (Somewhat) Recent Realizations of My Life

1. I never mentioned it here that I recall, but over to the right you can see the link to my other blog, where I've been keeping track of the keeping of my New Year resolutions.

See the link? Cool right. Now you have a whole new blog of mine to enjoy.

Or not, cause I'm abandoning it.

It's a shocker alright. But if I really thought about it I would see that with my schedule the way it is, having to blog every single day about keeping my resolution is just silly. Especially since I have made my resolutions habits, thankyouverymuch. I was pretty much writing the same thing every day. There's got to be an easier and faster way to hold myself accountable for my resolutions. What is that way? I don't know. But I'll let you know how I do in 9 months (because that's when the year ends, not when I will have a baby. I recognize that that is a sensitive amount of time to talk about when you've been married for a whole year and a half).

I just thought of the fact that a lot of you read my blog posts on thefacebook and it doesn't have my links. Too bad for you, you'll have to click on "View Original Post" to find out what the heck I'm talking about.

2. Long ago I came to the conclusion that I'm a little bit OCD. I like things neat and ordered and complete and I can get a little stressed if they are not so. Of course this only extends to some things like cupboards that need closing or songs that need ending (Lewis' favorite game is Sing the Whole Song Except for the Last Note and See How Much it Bugs Alyssa). I have always had atrocious handwriting (a great quality in a future teacher) (if there are any principals who might want to hire me reading this, that was a joke I have handwriting perfectly suitable for any class in which you need an intern) and the current state of my kitchen table is, well... less than neat (although I blame this on the lack of counter space provided me by the institution that is BYU). Nonetheless, there are somethings that I just cannot not fix and am eternally bothered if they are not just right.

For example, my Wii Fit Plus workout calendar. On the Wii Fit, you are supposed to take a test every day measuring your center of balance, BMI, weight, and regular balance. After you finish the test you get to stamp the day indicating that you took the test and recording your results. Every so often you get a new stamp to use.

One of my previously mentioned New Year resolutions requires me to workout at least five days a week. As a part of that resolution, I decided to take a Wii Fit Body Test (as they are known) Monday through Friday. Because of my OCD-ittude, I used the same stamp for all of January and then all of February. By March, I had earned a stamp in the shape of a shamrock - perfect!

The Wii Fit Body Test comes in two parts. In part one, you stand on the balance board as still and as centered as you can. This part measures your center of balance, BMI, and weight. When it's finished, the little computerized balance board jumps on the screen and judges you and your lifestyle choices (to be fair, that occurs throughout the Wii Fit experience). After judgment time, you are given the option to end your test there (if you're in a hurry) or continue.

The computerized balance board is a right old Chatty Cathy, but luckily you can push "A" and speed through his monologuing. However, you have to be careful about this because if you push "A" at just the wrong moment, when the balance board is asking if you want to "end" or "continue" your body test, you'll accidentally hit "end" and exit out of the test. And since you are in such a hurry, the program is kind enough to stamp the calendar for you - with the default stamp!

I made this mistake last night. I hit "end" when I meant to hit "continue" all because I was tired of listening to the balance board try to help me improve my body. It let me retake the test, but to no avail. I could not re-stamp my calendar. So now I have 17 green shamrocks and one ugly orange foot. I cannot tell you how sad it made me to do this. And orange is my favorite color!

This is where the OCD part comes in. It bothered me so much to have an orange foot where there should be a green shamrock that I tried everything to fix it. Lewis, because he loves me and understands my issues and needs, even did an internet search trying to see if there was a fix. Nothing. The orange foot remains.

But this is how much it bugs me. I considered (only half seriously) the possibility of deleting my profile and changing the date on the Wii, one day at a time, retaking a Wii Fit Body test for every day of the year, Monday through Friday. Sounds crazy, right? Well it was. I'm exhausted.

No, I'm just kidding. I didn't do it. But the mere fact that I considered it speaks volumes about my insanity.

To be fair to all those out there who are actually suffering from such conditions as OCD, I'm probably not OCD, because what I have is not a disorder. I can survive with that little orange foot as a blemish on my March calendar. I don't want to, but I can.

Lewis lovingly decided that I'm not even OC, because I'm not obsessive either. I can let it go when he plays his little game with the songs and the notes. I usually don't because I may be small and slight of strength, but I can pummel a stinking note out of my husband, but I can. So I'm just C. Compulsive. I feel compelled to make things the way I want them (neat and orderly and such), and I don't rest until they are right. So maybe there's a little O in there after all.

3. I have a lot to do before next week. It's Thursday, right? That means I only have three more days in the fourth grade class I have been enjoying being a part of for the past month. Not only is that a bummer, but it means that the end of the semester is fast approaching. And like I said, I have a lot to do.

The good news is that some of the stuff I have to do is not for sure yet. For example:

a. If we make the finals in the Innovative Instruction Competition, then I will have to prepare an eight minute presentation for the judges by next Tuesday.

b. If I get hired as an intern next week, then I will have to drive myself crazy starting to plan for the next school year before I finish this one.

c. If I want to pass my classes and graduate next month, then I will have to work hard and complete all of my assignments. Although technically I only have to pass one class, not all this elementary education mumbo jumbo that I love.

The moral of the story is, what am I doing blogging? I am about to collapse under my workload, and yet I choose to ramble on about the inequities of the Wii Fit Plus program for those of us with compulsive tendencies!

Although if you really think about it, it's not procrastination. It's just putting it off til later.


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That was MEAN!! You said "9 months", and in my peripheral vision I saw "baby". Just mean! Of course, it would also be mean of you to let me know through your blog.

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