Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Banana Problem

Let me start this out by telling you that I very much enjoy bananas. They are nutritious and tasty and especially good on a peanut butter sandwich. They are the best thing to eat before and after rigorous exercise. Por ejemplo, if I feel tired before I go for a run, I'll eat half a banana. Then if I feel like I pushed myself too hard after a run, I'll eat another half a banana. I also love me some bananas in my lunch, baked into bread, in desserts (ever had IHOP's crispy banana caramel cheesecake? AHmazing), on top of waffles or pancakes, or just for a snack. Bananas are great!

But they come with a very real problem: they stink. I mean, I'm all about the banana smell when I've got a loaf in the oven or something, but beyond that I'd rather smell other things like grapefruit dish soap or our apple-cinnamon candle. But if we get bananas, they overtake all of those other smells. Seriously, of all the fruits there are (or that regularly find themselves in our apartment) bananas get the most pervasive smell award.

I packed a banana in my lunch today. It was a reasonably fresh banana. Just purchased yesterday. Still a little green, which is my favorite way to eat bananas plain. I figured the banana stink wouldn't come until they were at least a little brown and mushy. But then I opened my lunch bag so that I could enjoy my yogurt during class this morning. And I got a faceful of banana stench and realized how very wrong I was.

I especially hate eating bananas at work. For some reason banana peels get all the more stinky when the fruit is removed. And my desk trash can sits a mere two feet from my desk. So if I eat a banana, it smells bad for my whole shift. (I won't even get into the day custodial forgot to empty my trashcan and I had day-old banana stink.)

Oh well. Sure the odor is annoying, but I'm not going to stop eating them. In fact, I think I'll eat my lunch banana right now. And I'm going to enjoy every last bite, darn it!

(Actually, I think I'll wait for an hour so I can throw the peel away right before I leave work)

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Marisa said...

It makes me happy that there is someone else who likes to eat bananas when they are still a tad green. That is my favorite time to eat them as well. :)

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