Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

SO! The new school year has begun. Campus is especially full this week as everyone buys their textbooks, participates in Welcome Week events, and figures out which classes it's okay to skip the rest of the semester. The Wilkinson Student Center (where I am gainfully employed) is particularly full as it is something of a central hub for campus. The Bookstore, Cougareat, and BYUSA office are just some of the many things found in this building, all of which seem to attract an abnormally large amount of students this time of year - especially those bright-eyed and bushy-tailed younglings we all know as freshmen.

With the new school year comes new year's resolutions, the evidence of which can be found all over campus. The past two mornings as we've walked to school, Lewis and I saw dozens of joggers out. Normally we see maybe four or five, but dozens?! Similarly, the Bookstore sold out of salads in record time yesterday, leaving only pizza and fresh baked cookies for those who came seeking lunch later in the day (darn it!). Clearly, there are many who have resolved to live healthier lifestyles this year.

Likewise, I am sure there are many students who've resolved to study harder this year to get even better grades. Have you ever noticed when you purchase a used textbook that the first few chapters are diligently highlighted and marked up, but there is nary a tick mark on the last few chapters? Yeah. That's a harder resolution to keep.

Today, as I was running the gauntlet this afternoon through what is known as the third floor of the Bookstore (textbooks and computer) on my way to work, I found myself getting annoyed. How dare all these people be in my way! Why can't they spend hundreds of dollars on pricey texts and fancy electronics when I am not headed to my office?

Similarly, I found myself inwardly groaning during my first class yesterday. I just started my first semester cohort in the elementary education program. As you may be aware, the elementary education program consists of mostly girls. As in, it's an anomaly to have even one boy in a class. This is particularly problematic for me as I don't get along with girls as well as I probably should seeing as I am, you know, a girl. They tend to bug me with their fashion accessories and their voluminous hair and their general perkiness. Especially at 8 o'clock in the morning. Gosh!

And then I realized... It's easy to be bugged by freshmen boys who stop dead right outside a high-traffic door to put something in their book bag or peeved at the girl who giggles rather shrilly at a lame joke the teacher tells to grab everyone's attention. It's really, really easy. But what's the point? It just makes life harder for me. It's not like they know they're doing anything wrong, even if I do occasionally shoot them a dirty look (I don't).

So I decided to take a leaf out of my jogging and salad-eating and study harding peers. I would make a new year's resolution for myself! Here it is, all official-like:

I, Alyssa Lucille Young, resolve to stop being bugged by the people around me.


I once had a religion teacher who told us that a good way to live more like Christ is to say in your head about every person you meet, "I love you." Now, I don't think I'm quite up to that level of appreciation for the people around me, but I think "You don't bug me" is a nice start.

Don't worry, dear readers. Whether you like it or not, I will be updating you on the successfulness of this resolution. Unless I forget.


Mary said...

Wait, hold up there, just slow on down . . . does this mean we can't make fun of people anymore?

Lys-face said...

Oh no, absolutely not. I just won't let their bugginess to get me down.

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