Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pimping My Crib

It started on Thursday night. It was late, and we were really tired, but instead of going to bed like normal people, Lewis and I decided to move around the furniture in our bedroom. As we shifted things around, we got to talking about how we could make our whole apartment more appealing. And that's how the chain reaction began.


...went through many of our belongings and filled up several large boxes to take to DI

...reorganized our closets and second bedroom

...moved our dresser into our second bedroom

...bought a giant mirror to hang in our bedroom

...bought a 2x4 and cut it into 8 1x1s

...grabbed some oops paint from Home Depot and had one of Lew's co-workers change the colors to brown and green to match our bedroom colors

...painted the 1x1s brown and green

We will...

...switch around our living room so you see our super-sweet couch when you walk in, rather then the TV

...hang the 1x1s in a checkered pattern above our bed, so it kind of looks like a headboard

...hang the mirror up

...paint our kitchen chairs (maybe)

...keep on improving our apartment. Errybody will be jealous of it.

I would post some before and after pictures, but the before pictures will all be blank walls and messy areas, so that would be silly. I still might post some after photos, though. Who knows, really? Pretty much, though, it's going to be the hottest spot on the block. Well, the hottest spot at Wymount, anyway. If only they would let us paint our walls...

Post script: when we were cleaning off our nightstand, we found a crisp 20 dollar bill (quite crisp, really). Basically, it was the best feeling in the world, especially since we just paid a bunch o' bills.


Laura said...

Finding money is the BEST! Oh, and you can sorta paint (wallpaper) with really cool fabric with starch or something crazy like that that will adhere to your walls but wash off when you remove it. Fabric Stiffener? Something like that? It's a Martha Stewart thing. You could cut out a silhouette of Lewis with black material and put it up. :)

willus said...

Just to clarify:

The brown and green panels we painted were cut from a 2x4, a 1/4" thick piece of melamine, 2 feet by 4 feet. so the 1x1s on the wall are 1 foot by 1 foot.

for those keeping track.

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