Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Blessed Email

I love getting email. I really do. Not junk so much, but genuine email that concerns me personally. That being said, there is one email I absolutely dread: the Account Activity Email from BYU. Why does this email suck so much? Because it means I owe somebody at BYU more money.

This unholy email is as follows:

"Dear BYU Student/Employee,

You are receiving this email because you have had recent activity on your BYU financial account.

If you wish to review your account, please login to Route-Y and click on School, 'My Financial Center', and then account summary.


Brigham Young University
Student Financial Services"

Yeah, I bet you are sincere. You sincerely want my money.

I've received this email a lot lately, especially with it being spring and summer terms and all. This email comes when tuition is due... when I fill my prescription... when it's time to pay health insurance... when I borrowed a fifty cent calculator at the testing center... all the time!

So, as far as I knew, it was business as usual yesterday evening when I opened my email inbox and found the Account Activity Email innocently sitting there waiting for me.

"Oh great," I thought. "What do I owe them now?" And then I thought, "No, really, what do I owe them? I thought I had already got this email for everything in my account now..."

Sufficiently curious, I followed the email's instructions and logged into My Financial Center. And saw a negative balance.

What the what?

As it turns out, this dreaded email brought glad tidings on this day. Turns out, instead of taking more money away from me, BYU decided to give some back! That's right, nerds, I am the recipient of a half-tuition scholarship for summer term.

Lewis was sitting next to me throughout the entire exchange with my computer and decided it was in his best interest to check for himself. Sho nuff, he got one too!

The moral of the story is, C's may get degrees, but it really does pay to get A's. Literally.


Laura said...

Nice! What a great feeling.

willus said...

Sho Nuff!

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