Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our First Date

For my first date with my husband, we doubled with some friends (the same friends that introduced us, no less) to see a movie. The movie we saw was Beowulf in IMAX 3-D. I remember what I wore, what we talked about in the car, even where we sat in the movie theater. I even held onto the ticket stub! After the date was over, Lewis kissed me for the very first time.

My memory of our first date was lovely and unspoiled until a few months after the fact when it was tainted by Lewis' unfortunate misconception.

You see, for some inconceivable reason, Lewis got the impression that our first date was one week and one day before we saw Beowulf. Let me make something perfectly clear: Lewis is wrong. He believes that for our first date we went to the BYU-TCU football game (hereafter: the TCU game). This was not a date. Again, Lewis is wrong.

The facts are these:

* Lewis asked me to go out on a date with him for the night we saw Beowulf.

* Lewis offered to let me and my roommate sit with him at the TCU game, because he had better seats than we did.

* Lewis picked me up and drove just the two of us to and from Beowulf.

* Lewis drove both my roommate and me to the TCU game, and drove us plus my brother home. I sat in the back.

* Lewis paid for my ticket to Beowulf.

* I paid for my own ticket to the TCU game.

* Beowulf involved two couples, clearly paired off.

* Our group at the TCU game involved a variety of individuals.

Now, I will admit that Lewis does have a compelling argument as to why the TCU game was our first date. He says that he put my keys in his pocket (I don't remember this, but I believe him when he says this occurred). He also says that he bought me hot chocolate (this I do remember). Both of these things were very thoughtful. I probably didn't bring a purse in which to put my keys, and I was undoubtedly cold, so hot chocolate would have warmed me right up. But these thoughtful actions do not a date make.

Also, we saw Beowulf on November 16th, 2007 - exactly nine months before our wedding day. Why would anyone want to take that lovely connection away?

The TCU game: not our first date.


Laura said...

I'm with you Alyssa. Ben swears that I was "hitting on him" when I introduced myself, but in reality he was my sisters best friends brother (whew) and therefore thought he looked familiar. haha These are the things that make life great!

Cass said...

Yeah, you totally win that one. Sorry, Lewis! Once you break it down like that, it's clear that Beowulf was the first date. Too bad I heard that movie kinda sucked. I guess for you, though, it will always have beautiful connotations... *cue cheesy music, complete with saxophones and "ahhh"s*

lucás said...

My hands look big in that pic, WTF.

Andre Terrific said...

Besides, looks like Lewis is on a date with Luke in that picture.

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