Thursday, February 5, 2009

Organ Donation

I saw a guy on campus carrying one of these:

And I immediately thought about those coolers to carry recently harvested organs in. But then I thought, oh wait, the cooler probably just has his lunch in it. However, as I continued along my way, I noticed the guy start heading towards the MARB... the basement of which is used to dissect cadavers.

It is possible that my, um, theory was helped along by this past week's CSI: Miami.


willus said...

You're paranoid...

And you also probably watch too much Law and Order/CSI.

But in the event a crime occurs near you I'm glad you'll be around to take note of things like this.

Chris and Brindy said...

Hi Alyssa!!! That is funny. I always wonder how people just find other peoples' blogs it's such a fun way to keep in touch with others. How are you!? I hope that married life is treating you well! :)

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