Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tagged? What Does That Mean?

Apparently, I was tagged by my dear friend Laura. I'm not entirely sure what that means. I think I'm supposed to fill out the same questionnaire she did and then tag some more people at the end. I wasn't going to participate, but since I have an article summary I'd rather put off til later, I might as well. Most of these I don't know the answers to, but I will dutifully fill them out anyway, while changing the questions to fit what I want to write.

The 8 Things Tag...in no particular order.

8 TV shows I love to watch OR shows I have watched occasionally
1. The Office
2. Law and Order
3. CSI
4. The Amazing Race
5. House
6. Looney Toons (if it was still on)
7. Animaniacs (if it was still on)
8. SportsCenter

8 favorite Restaurants OR restaurants I remember eating at somewhat recently
1. Ottavio's
2. Cafe Rio
3. Zupa's
4. Joe Vera's
5. Red Robin
6. Shoots
7. Winger's
8. Pizza Hut (we had that just last night! But it was delivered...does that count? Remember when Pizza Hut was a sit-down restaurant too?)

8 things that happened today OR probably will at some point
1. Got up two hours earlier than usual (for a Tuesday)
2. Observed one of the BYU preschool classes
3. Dozed of in my marital relations class
4. Wished that class was actually about maritime relations
5. Hung out with Lewis for a little bit and talked sports
6. Went to work
7. Do the laundry
8. Go to the DMV

8 things that I look forward to
1. Going grocery shopping (sort of...we need more food, so...)
2. Getting a new hoodie for $10
3. Halloween
4. Thanksgiving
5. The Christmas season
6. Christmas
7. My dad coming to visit
8. The Egyptian souvenirs my mother had better bring me cause I'm so freaking jealous she's there right now

8 things on my wish list
1. Beat Lewis at Mario Kart by hitting him with a red shell right before he crosses the finish line
2. A butter dish and more hot pads
3. An awesome Halloween costume
4. Some nice sweaters. I have none, and it's time to stop wearing t-shirts and short-sleeved blouses to church
5. To be on the Amazing Race
6. And/or Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader
7. To get into grad school
8. To scare Lewis...again.

8 people I tag OR 8 people I know have at some point come across my thingy and have probably not already been tagged
1. Lewis
2. Jennifer
3. Mary
4. Paul
5. Cassie (PS, where did your thingy go?)
6. Andrew and/or Ben. Neither of them has thingyed recently, though.
7. Um...Mom? You'd have to start one...but that's okay.
8. Joseph. He should start one too.


jenalih said...

There are a lot of Jennifers in this world...you couldn't possibly mean me...do you? LOL

Lys-face said...

I do mean you, in fact!

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