Thursday, October 23, 2008

Extra-Strength Credit

I am currently sitting in my infant development class, and my professor just introduced an extra credit opportunity to us. It's for ten points, which isn't that much (there are 430 points total in the class), but it could make the difference between letter grades (like between an E [BYU doesn't like the letter F] and a D). Pass-fail, right? (Not that I'm anywhere near that line...) Sounds simple. Do the extra credit, get ten points.

By now I'm sure you're all wondering what exactly this extra credit opportunity entails (or maybe not. Maybe you don't care. Well, you should). My professor decided to take a leaf out of a University of Utah professor's book (difference: the Utah professor requires this. My BYU professor is giving us extra points for doing it. Utah sucks). Well, what we have to do is spend four hours pretending we're a six-month-old baby. Yeah. Yeah. We have to crawl around on all fours, have difficulty sitting up without support, and put foreign objects in our mouths (okay, maybe not the last one). Also, we have to limit our communication to babbling. And then we have to write a summary of our experience. My professor says that the purpose of this exercise is "to re-experience life again before upward mobility and better understand the dramatic transition that between crawling and walking." My personal opinion is that that may be a secondary purpose, but the primary one is for him to get his students to look like idiots. Professors can do that in my major.

I'll probably do it. I mean, four hours is a long time, but we're allowed to break it up into two segments, and he did say we were allowed to take a nap while we did it (not for the whole time). And this could come in handy in nine months or more from now (read: I'm not pregnant) when we have a kid. My professor said this was the best way to see how you need to baby-proof a place - being on their level and all.

I'll just have to do it when Lewis isn't around...yeah.


Laura said...

That sounds like an interesting experience! However, I too would wait until my husband was gone. Mainly for my own pride.

Aaron and Hannah Kam Family said...

You KNOOOOOOOOW Kai is about to start walking so I could ask his opinion and just tell you...:P

jenalih said...

ROFLOL! You crack me up....."this could come in handy in nine months or more from now (read: I'm not pregnant)".....are you sure you aren't trying to tell us all something? It does sound like a very interesting experiment, I can't wait to see how it goes, you are going to share your results with us aren't you?

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