Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank You, Captain Obvious

I just read an article in Time about serial marry-ers and how marriage is the one area in life where we allow repeat offenders to do it over and over again. Hazardous drivers get their licenses revoked; failing college students get kicked out of school; doctors who violate their codes and creeds and crap could lose their license for just one infraction, but any single consenting adult can marry any other single consenting adult any time they please. The story cited Larry King who is currently getting divorced for the eighth time. It talked about a variety of celebrities with multiple ex-spouses - Liz Taylor, Mickey Rooney, William Shatner, etc.

The story then went on to talk about the late Linda Wolfe of Indiana who got married 23 times (although the last one - just the last one, mind - was just a publicity stunt). She is official record holder. Even with 23 marital failures, Linda was not to be discouraged and before she passed said that she wouldn't mind marrying again. That declaration had a caveat, however. She would only marry a straight man. From the article, I quote, "On the two occasions she married a gay guy, it didn't take."

Uh... She's been married and divorced 23 times. I'm pretty sure NONE of them took. And I'm willing to bet that her husbands' sexual orientations had nothing to do with that.

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