Friday, May 21, 2010

My Spouse, the Fashionisto

The night I met my husband, he was dressed like this:

Hot, right? Little did he know that his fashion choice of the cutoffs so short that the pockets were hanging out was ahead of its time.

That's right, a mere two and a half years later, I discover that according to Victoria's Secret (I get their catalog. What of it?), cutoffs so short that the pockets hang out is in.


I would show you multiple examples of this style (there are several) or in the least post a link to Victoria's website, but goodness me people, this is a family place! If you want further proof that Lewis retroactively kick-started a booming summer trend, go find the website yourself.

The moral of the story? You should be jealous that Victoria's Secret doesn't get fashion advice from your husband.


Cass said...

...So, what does that say about your husband, that Victoria's Secret wants to steal his style? I think you should be worried. ;)

willus said...

Pssh! You should be worried if my style COULD be bottled up and sold. The thing that makes what I do work isn't something you can sell, it isn't something you can buy, it isn't even anything you can describe with any of the words found in the English language.

You should count your lucky stars you have me, Alyssa... because damn, I'm sexy.

Mary said...

I really went to my happy place when I saw that picture. Lewis really knows how to get the skanky lil' red riding hoods who are dating other people.

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