Thursday, April 15, 2010

All the Statuses I Didn't Post

First of all, thank you to everyone who voted for us. We spammed you til you wanted to kill us, no doubt, but it paid off! And we're very grateful for all the support.

There were a lot of statuses I wanted to post on Facebook over the past week, but I couldn't because I had the eye of the tiger and didn't want to distract from our iPad winning cause. So I'm going to post them all here for your enjoyment. These might not be entirely true to the dates that stuff happened, but I'm estimating.

Wednesday, April 7th
Alyssa Young what the weather? Isn't April a Spring month?

Thursday, April 8th
Alyssa Young nice weather today. I wore sandals. And then I was ashamed because I haven't painted my toenails all winter.

Friday, April 9th
Alyssa Young seems like a nice night for a luau, eh?

Saturday, April 10th
Alyssa Young Lewis is off skiing today. I've done not a thing. Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored.

Sunday, April 11th
Alyssa Young I KNEW that scratchy throat and painful cough had a malicious intent!

Sunday, April 11th
Alyssa Young naturally, on the day that we don't want to sit near anyone at Church so I don't spread my diseases, there are two baby blessings so we're shoulder to shoulder.

Monday, April 12th
Alyssa Young is basically drunk. I took some NyQuil and then went over to the in-laws' casa to watch 24. My mouth tastes like purple.

Tuesday, April 13th
Alyssa Young last day of classes as an undergrad. Seems a shame I'll be starting up again as a post-bacc during Spring Term. Little to no time to celebrate my graduation!

Tuesday, April 13th
Alyssa Young 's seven-year-old nephew just taught me how to Rip Stick.

Wednesday, April 14th
Alyssa Young is enjoying her reading day by reading. Not any textbooks, of course, but a delightful children's book followed by another. Boo-ya.

Wednesday, April 14th
Alyssa Young paper towel dispensers in the ladies restroom on the third floor of the Wilk are mysteriously disappearing. Does the janitorial staff think this will make for cleaner restrooms? Maybe. More'n likely it'll just make for wetter restrooms.


Mary said...

What I want to know is if that children's book was required reading. At which point I will hate you. Actually taking schooling seriously is very trying work.

Lys-face said...

Last summer, when I took childrens lit, a book like what I read would have been required. This year, not so much.

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