Thursday, November 19, 2009

Novembah to Remembah

This is what November has been like for me:

-Writing lesson plans
-Getting stressed out about being observed
-Being observed
-Family law
-Swine flu avoidance
-Little kid hugs
-Hand sanitizer
-Guess what?
-Packing lunches
-Apprehension about touching pencils
-Early morning meetings
-Finding books in the library
-Cold weather
-High fives
-More hugs
-More hand sanitizer
-More germs
-The Practicum.

Pretty much, this month has been the busiest month of my existence. And I've loved every second of it (almost). But it'll all be over on Monday. I'm glad because that means it's Thanksgiving break and almost Christmas break and if there's anything I need, it's a break.

But... I love those kids. I think I'll probably cry on Monday.

These posters are all over my school.


Paul Epperson said...

I saw you on campus today and you looked very intense. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

elsalgal said...

You're scaring me. A lot.

Lys-face said...


Ryan and Carmen said...

Ha ha ha Alyssa I love this post. So glad the practicum is over but so sad at the same time! And I was also very scared the entire time about germs--I think I used an entire bottle of hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. :) lol.

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