Monday, June 9, 2008

Apparently Unfeasible

I've been getting a lot of people telling me that I should thingy about my engagement. This doesn't entirely make sense to me, since the people who read my thingy are already all very much aware of what went down and how. But, in the immortal words of Rebecca McPartland, "whatevs."

So...the facts are these: I'm engaged. How did it happen, you ask? Well, pretty much it was the most perfect proposal ever. That sounds cliche, but for shiz, it's the truth. Everyone has a different perfect, and this was mine.

First, some background information: Lewis' parents own a condo up in Park City. All winter semester while he was working at the Canyons ski resort, he would stay at the condo during the week. A few times over the semester, I went up there for an evening to spend time with him and we would make dinner together and enjoy each others' company and stuff. It was good times.

Anyway, Lewis has been saying for a while that doing that was a lot of fun and that we should do it again some time. So, we made plans to do so this past Friday, the sixth of June. Now, when we did the Park City dinner thing before, I would bring my cookbook with me and we would choose something and head to the grocery store to get the stuff we needed to make it. Shortly after we left my apartment on Friday, I realized that I had forgotten my cookbook at home. Lewis said, no problem, we could just figure out what to make when we got there, but that we should go ahead and stop by the condo first to see what's already available there for eatings. So we did.

When we got to the condo, Lewis opened the door and had me go in first. I entered to find some music playing and roses on the table with a bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider in a bowl of ice and the table all set up for dinner for two. I asked, "what's all this?" just before I turned around to find Lewis, down on one knee, holding an absolutely gorgeous ring. And then he proposed. It could not have been better.

We spent the rest of the evening making and eating dinner and then just chilling together. It was really nice just enjoying being together rather than rushing off and making a million phone calls to tell everyone (that's what I spend the next day doing). I did call a few people who I knew would not forgive me if I didn't tell them that night and I also sent a text to a few people (responses are easy to ignore), but that was it. It was so great just spending some relaxing time together before it sunk in that we were getting married in just ten weeks, and we really needed to get our rears in gear to get everything done in time.


Chocolate Stu said...

I like how you say things that rhyme, like "rears in gear". I also appreciate the mental image.

jenalih said...

Well I'm happy to know the story and I was so happy when you called to let me know. Though considering you are my "favorite neice" ;) I would think you would have called me sooner! JK! Love you and can't wait to meet him...I hope he really is good enough for you, so far it sounds like he just might be!

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