Thursday, June 26, 2008

All Stitched Up and No Where to Go

Yesterday, for the very first time ever, I got stitches. Well, I got a stitch. But still, it's a pretty big deal since I've been a klutz my entire life and have had more than my fair share of accidents and mishaps, and yet I've never needed stitches until yesterday. Let me explain how it happened.

Today and tomorrow, nearly everyone in my office is on their annual "Adventure Experience" (some sort of "exciting" trip as an initiation for this year's new officers). We spent pretty much all of yesterday getting stuff ready so that they could go on this trip. My boss went shopping for all the food they needed to bring with them, and when she got back to campus, she asked us to help bring the stuff in. So we went down there with our carts and loaded them all up. I didn't have a cart to take back up, so I was trying to help by holding the doors open for the people pushing carts. As I was running around doing this, I tripped on someone's foot and slammed my face right into the metal edging of a door. I thought I was fine, and told everyone that, but someone said, no you look like you might need stitches. I was confused, cause it didn't hurt that bad, but then I touched my mouth and my fingers came away all bloody. I went up to the bathroom to clean myself up and discovered quite a deep gash in my lip. So, someone took me to the health center and I got myself stitched back together, and we filled out the worker's comp form.

All in all, it could have been a lot worse. Sure, it hurts to smile and eat and rub my lips together, and I can't lift weights til it's healed (you'd be surprised at how much you use your face muscles when you lift weights...I've noticed it before, and I wasn't about to risk opening up my wound again, not with my wedding in seven weeks), but I'm still really lucky. I could have banged up my entire face or even knocked out a few teeth! A cut in my lip isn't that bad. Now, if it happened a month from now, with just three weeks til my wedding, I'd be worried. As it is, I've got more than enough time to heal up and I shouldn't get much of a scar if I get one at all. I get the stitch out on Monday, so everything should be a-okay!


willus said...

I, for one, am glad the stitch is gone.

jenalih said...

Oh you poor thing! I'm glad it has more than enough time to heal up before the big day.

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