Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm in Love with a Boy

Three years ago today, I was dating a guy. Not the guy I married, but a guy. At the time I probably wouldn't have admitted it, but now I can fully and without embarrassment admit that he was a rebound. From another guy.

Anywho, back to three years ago today. A friend of my roommate's had invited us all to his Halloween party which, to hear my roommate tell it, was going to be legendary. And epic. And overall not one to be missed.

That wasn't enough to convince my boyfriend, who had to do something I had heard my professors talking about once... homework I think it's called. Whatevs. I was cool with it. I'd go without him.

Unconsciously I was very much not cool with it, as was evident by my over-zealous (for me) effort to put together a super awesome Little Red Riding Hood outfit. I even put on lipstick. Lipstick, people! This was a big deal.

We went to the party which was legendary and epic and not one to be missed. Especially so since I met this new guy, who was dressed as a Village People-esque Fireman, and who gave me the attention that I was missing from my homework-doing boyfriend of the time. And also other-party attending boyfriend. After finishing his homework, he apparently went to a different party, one that was being thrown by some girls in his ward. Oh no you didn't.

(In hindsight, I'm sure the other party was perfectly innocent. But come on, dude. The whole relationship was a rebound. You can't do such things. They upset the fragile balance.)

So this attention thing was nice. And in my passive aggressive awesomer-than-thou state, it was just what the doctor ordered to turn a happenstance meeting into something great. Plus since he was clearly dividing his time between me and my roommates (see picture), it was all allowed. Right? Right.

Halloween 2007

Two years ago today, my dear husband and I had been married for a few months. This legendary and epic and not one to be missed Halloween celebration was going down again. We went as the classic Atari game of Pong, which in my humble opinion did not get as much credit as it deserved. It was excellent. But we didn't care; we were newlyweds and crazy about each other.

Halloween 2008

One year ago today we three-peated our tradition. The venue was unusual - the regular locale was unavailable - but the party elements were all present. Me and this guy with the unfailing attention presented a double-whammy with our costumes: We went as Peanuts ghosts AND Charlie Brown and Lucy (under the ghost sheets). We were still newlyweds and still crazy about each other. Life was good.

Yesterday we enjoyed out fourth Halloween party together. We've been married for over two years and are still considered newlyweds by many. Not to be cheesy (read: cheesy part coming next), but it feels like we've been married only like a week and yet we've known each other forevah all at the same time. (Yeccch. That was hard to get out.) This year we went as Indiana Jones and Elsa Schneider. (From Last Crusade. The Nazi chick.) A lot has changed over the past three years, and not just for us but for the plethora of people involved in making the annual Halloween fiesta legendary and epic and not one to be missed. I am eternally grateful (Yuck. Cheesy pun.) that I did not miss it. Cause I'm crazy about this guy who gave me attention. And continues to give me attention every day. In fact, I love him.

Halloween 2010

The moral of the story? Find a girl you like and pay attention to her. It worked for me, anyway!

A special thank you goes out to Luke for hosting the party in question, Mary for making me go, and Becca for being a part of our couch pictures and making the initial attention okay. And to Lewis cause he's just great. I'm crazy about you, dude.

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