Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aurora Borealis

The other day, Lewis and my mom were talking and somehow came to the realization that when I was born, my family and Lewis' family lived in the same stake. For some reason, in my brain I pictured the beginning scene from Sleeping Beauty when Princess Aurora is born and they bring Prince Phillip to meet her and say, "Hey kid this is your future wife." But instead of being excited about that, he scrunches his nose like he's thinking, "Are you for reals? That thing is gross."

Because I'm sure that's exactly how it went down in western Provo when I was born. Like our families even knew each other.

And then I thought of the name Aurora again which made me think of Aurora Borealis, hence the name of this post.

The End.

See, we're not like Titanic, we're like Sleeping Beauty. Much more better.


elsalgal said...

Except that you weren't gross--you were a beautiful,though bald, baby. Oh wait--it was 24 hours before you were able to get a bath. Perhaps if he met you during that brief time period.

Lys-face said...

Why was it 24 hours before I was able to get a bath? That IS gross!

elsalgal said...

I KNOW!! The water was out at the hospital for that long! I couldn't take a shower, either. And, of course, this was the time that a friend came to visit!

BTW, appropriately, the word verification word is "babiese".

lucás said...

Those pics are creepy, do you sing to the animals?

Marisa said...

Haha this makes me laugh. Small world in the Mormon world! :P And I love the picture comparison. hehe.

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